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Design System

Design System

We were tasked with modernizing every piece of Glade’s global communication, which led us to completely recreating their design system.



The creative team launched a series of VFX-led films, all designed to communicate to a multitude of cultures. And to spice it up, the team engaged in a bold music partnership with viral phenomenon Shawn Wasabi.

Fragrance Mnemonic

Through the use of immersive, photographic textures and color, we built a graphic language that showcases the complex blending of our cues in an elegantly simple expression. 


​A suite of dynamic fragrance mnemonic tags were created to cue the brand's consciously crafted fragrances in a bold way. 

Fragrance Expressions

Every fragrance in the global portfolio was reframed through our graphic language to showcase the scents in an immersive, sensorial, ownable way. 

Apple Cinnamon

Ocean Odyssey

Sea Salt & Gardenia

Lavender Vanilla

Blooming Peony & Cherry

Happy Space
Orange & Neroli

Moment of Zen
Lavender & Sandalwood

Lemon Fresh
Lemon & Mandarin

Relaxing Zen
Waterlily & Dewy Greens

Lavender & Peach Blossom

Morning Fresh

Green Apple & Muguet

Tropical Blossoms

Plumeria & Coconut Milk

Vanilla & Passionfruit

Tranquil Lavender & Aloe​

Powder Fresh

Rose Petals & Baby Powder

Hawaiian Breeze

Pineapple & Hibiscus

Fragrance Cue Photography

To develop the fragrance expressions above, we needed a library of fragrance cues to source from. The imagery of our cues was key to evoking the senses, telling the fragrance story and recalling memories of the scents.


For a style that is undeniably Glade, we developed key principles for our immersive photography in regard to texture, lighting and color. From a completely remote shoot due to COVID, we captured over 200 images during 4 weeks of shooting.